crystal_toolkit.core.panelcomponent module

class crystal_toolkit.core.panelcomponent.PanelComponent(default_data: MSONable | dict | str | None = None, id: str | None = None, links: dict[str, str] | None = None, storage_type: Literal['memory', 'local', 'session'] = 'memory', disable_callbacks: bool = False)[source]

Bases: MPComponent

A component intended to do wrap another component or set of components inside a panel. The key benefit is that the inner contents of the panel are not loaded until the panel is opened, so can reduce the number of callbacks run until a user initiates interaction.

To use, implement the “contents_layout” method, and add any new callbacks necessary to fill it.

contents_layout() Div[source]
property description
generate_callbacks(app, cache)[source]

Generate all callbacks associated with the layouts in this app. Assume that “suppress_callback_exceptions” is True, since it is not always guaranteed that all layouts will be displayed to the end user at all times, but it’s important the callbacks are defined on the server.

property title