Source code for crystal_toolkit

from __future__ import annotations

import json
import os as _os
from collections import defaultdict
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Any

# pleasant hack to support MSONable objects in Dash callbacks natively
from monty.json import MSONable

from crystal_toolkit.renderables import (

__version__ = "2022.08.19"

MODULE_PATH = Path(__file__).parents[0]

[docs]def to_plotly_json(self): return self.as_dict()
MSONable.to_plotly_json = to_plotly_json # Populate the default values from the JSON file _DEFAULTS: dict[str, Any] = defaultdict() default_js = _os.path.join( _os.path.join(_os.path.dirname(_os.path.abspath(__file__))), "./", "defaults.json" ) with open(default_js) as handle: _DEFAULTS.update(json.loads( def _repr_mimebundle_(self, include=None, exclude=None): """ Render Scenes using crystaltoolkit-extension for Jupyter Lab. """ # TODO: add Plotly, application/vnd.plotly.v1+json help_text_ct = """If you see this text, the Crystal Toolkit Jupyter Lab \n extension is not installed. You can install it by running \n \"pip install crystaltoolkit-extension\" \n from the same environment you run \"jupyter lab\". \n This only works in Jupyter Lab 3.x or above.\n\n """ help_text_plotly = """If you see this text, the Plotly Jupyter Lab extension is not installed, please consult Plotly documentation for information on how to install. """ # TODO: to be strict here, we could use inspect.signature # and .return_annotation is either a Scene or a go.Figure respectively # and also check all .parameters have no POSITIONAL_ONLY # in practice, fairly unlikely this will cause issues without strict checking if hasattr(self, "get_scene"): return { "application/": self.get_scene().to_json(), "text/plain": help_text_ct + repr(self), } elif hasattr(self, "get_plot"): return { "application/vnd.plotly.v1+json": self.get_plot().to_plotly_json(), "text/plain": help_text_plotly + repr(self), } else: return {"application/json": self.as_dict(), "text/plain": repr(self)} MSONable._repr_mimebundle_ = _repr_mimebundle_
[docs]def show_json(self): from IPython.display import display_json return display_json(self.as_dict(), raw=True)
MSONable.show_json = show_json def _ipython_display_(self): """ Render Scenes using crystaltoolkit-extension for Jupyter Lab. This function ensures that objects are also printed in string format as previously. """ from IPython.display import publish_display_data publish_display_data(self._repr_mimebundle_()) MSONable._ipython_display_ = _ipython_display_